Two or more windows

Year: 2019
Place: Communitism, Anthens, Greece 
Materials: glass, window frames, led lights

While living in Athens one of the things that surprised me all the time was the amount of the beautiful and abandoned buildings from 19th and 18th century. I was lucky to participate in the exhibition in one of such places.

This building was undergoing reconstruction and was now inhibited by artists who organized exhibitions and social events at the spot. They were particulary proud of the new white cube space that they constructed. However I thought  that the small courtyard with it’s spiral staircase was more intriguing. 


The red and blue light from the lamps emphasized  morbid attractiveness of the decomposing architecture while also giving it a contrasting futuristic feeling. There was also a third window highlighted by the intervention, however it was barely seen and was a native part of the architecture.