The Garden of Iarthly Delights   2021

Materials: Glass, water, metal, plants, plexiglass, weather data, plaster, rockwool, pillows

Photo by Pippilotta Yerna

The Garden of Iarthly Delights is a situation in which the personal dream-space is polluted by the wild weeds and plants. A situation where the roots of the plants make their way into a dream of an unbothered artist. The artist is resting her head on the pillow, illuminated by the purple light of an artificial sun. The rain is dripping down on the head and flows on the rock wool where the grass and various weeds are growing.

Dreams are inhabited by living idea-organisms, they constitute an ecosystem of symbols and abstract thoughts. Human has invented a designated place to experience the dream-ecosystem, something known as a bed. The bed is usually kept clean from any non-human organisms as to maintain a safe sterile space. This tradition is challenged in the work.

The timing of the rain is connected to a particular place on Earth through the computer which receives real-time weather data from that place. The head that is resting on the pillow belongs to Narges Mohammadi, a young artist. Water is delivered from the tank into the top container that produces the rain, after it reaches the pillows and the weeds planted in the rock wool it goes down to a glass container from which it gets pumped back into the tank. That way creating a circular ecosystem.