Natural Philosophy  2020

Materials: Glass, water, plaster, metal, rust, wind 

Photo by Marysia Swietlicka

This work was inspired by my contemplation on the change around me. In the last couple of month more than before I felt how unstable different things are. I started with the thought about death. Death as an idea that all of a sudden pervaded daily news and minds more than before, and also as the end of four years of belonging in a certain place and goodbyes to people that were close to me.

I titled this work “Natural Philosophy” because I think it shares with ancient scientists that similiar desire to reflect on the self as the part of the environment and it has certain romantic connotations in the gestures.

I use water as a medium that has potential for accommodating life, but also as a medium that is corrosive for other materials. One of the legs of the metallic structure is submerged into the water, it becomes rusty and gives a distinct color that reminds pollution, or a desert, while the water also disrupts continuity of the shape.
The upper part of the structure contains glass and clear water which is moved by the mechanical source of wind. Resting in this water you see the cast of my face looking at it’s changing reflection, or maybe glazing through the liquid in a dreamy state. On the floor In the back there is a metal shape covered in dried out clay that once was a leg, but now it has barely any resemblance to it’s original purpose.