Materials: LED screen, Apples, Soil, Water Mist, Video 

Photo by Alex Heuvink and @documentommy

Video Documenatation: Youtube by Adam Centko

The “NON-STILL LIFE“ is an experiment of preserving the materiality of an idea, where apples exist as a combinaton of living matter and the symbol. The installation consisted of the LED screen playing a looped video, water mist, cubic meter of soil and apples.

By using water mist and air conditioning the conditions in the exhibition space were constructed to prevent apples from rotting, for as long as possible.

The video consisted of sampled scenes from the movie “Solaris” by Tarkovsky; specificially the scenes  showing the main character in the nostalgic environment of his homeland. The shots of nature were zoomed in and reshaped until they became almost fully abstract.