Year: 2019
Materials: wood, glass, water, soil, sand, plaster, stone, algae, light, plastic
Place: Helena van Doeverenplantsoen, the Hague

This installation consists of series of works that I made in the duration of 2 months in the autumn of 2019. Central theme of my works was ‘consciousness’.

The mind has some similiar qualities to water- it is in a way shapeless but has strong qualities, and yet it also aquires a shape depending on the condition. Fluidness is often discussed now in the context of sexuality and materialism, I think it is also a fair quality to attribute to the mind. Also, very importantly, much like water, the consciousness is inhibited with different living forms. 

Thoughts grow on ideas, results appear as flowers from idea-seeds sown centuries ago. Young seeds are picked up by traveling birds and brought to different locations, where they adapt to new environments and change accordingly. 

I thought about permamence and change, about the human as always being somewhere in the middle. As it was said by the russian poet Boris Pasternak: “[The Artist] You are a hostage of eternity, held captive by the time”.