Philipp Groubnov is a multi-disciplinary artist. He was born in Belarus in 1995, where he lived until moving to the Netherlands in 2015 to pursue a career of an artist. Philipp's work is informed by his background in science (having studied in the physics faculty of Belarussian State University), his fascination of the biological systems and their relation to the human symbolism.

Part of Groubnov's family is coming from the rural area of Belarus. Specifically the town-village Zhirovichi where he would often spend summer and winter holidays. Zhirovichi is known in post-soviet area because of one the oldest Orthodox Churches in Belarus and the spring of holy water. The area is surrounded by an abundance of forests and lakes that wrap around the small scarcely populated town. The alienating image of the human symbolism in the context of the wild "nature" populated by different beings inspired Groubnov since young age and formed the basis of his future work.

Groubnov completed bachelor program of Fine Arts in the royal academy The Hague in 2020. He was noted for usage of the unconventional materials such as water and algae and his focus on process based art. Having achieved some recognition and gaining experience in the professional art world he decided to expand his knowledge and went on to study Master of ArtScience in the same academy.



Instagram: @groubnov_philipp


Object Rotterdam, Art and Design Fair - Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2021

Nothing Sacred, group show at Super Weakness - The Hague, Netherlands, 2021

ALL INN, group show at Het Hem - Zaandam, Netherlands, 2021

Best of Graduates, group show at Gallery Ron Mandos - Amsterdam, Netherlands 2020

Smart Distance Lab, Art Fair at Kromhouthal - Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2020

A Fair Share of Utopia, group show at NEST - Den Haag, Netherlands, 2020
Note to Self, Helena van Doeverenplantsoen - Den Haag, Netherlands, 2019

Cinema Underexposed, at cinema festival at Baobab - Den Haag, Netherlands, 2019 

Today I Taste Tomorrow , group show at Helena van Doeverenplantsoen - Den Haag, Netherlands, 2019

Containing Surfaces, group show at MEM - Athens, Greece, 2019

Outermost Corner, group show at NEST, the Hague, Netherlands, 2018 

Wabi-Sabi, self-organised group show in the space of the old “Euphoria” shop - Den Haag, Netherlands, 2018  

Film noir: Shariff Nasr meets KABK, movie screenings at Filmhuis - Den Haag, Netherland, 2015


Bachelor of Fine Arts, sculpture department at Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague.  2016- 2020

Preparatory year, at Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague. 2015-2016

Bachelor in physics and engineering, nano materials and nano tech (unfinished), at Berarussian State University (BSU), Minsk.  2014-2015