I was born and raised in Minsk, Belarus (1995), however my birth certificate is issued on the paper with soviet symbology and so sometimes I tend to think that I was really born in the Soviet Union.  

I am more of a sculptor than not. In my works I find combinations of my interest in science with elements of mundane poetry and my overall distractiveness. Usually I work in series where I explore a particular subject of interest. There is no one perfect way of how to approach a subject, no perfect media, in any work of art there is an opinion of the artist and every subject has almost endless amount of dimensions or connotations. That is why when I approach a topic I want to find many different entry points to penetrate the matter of the question.

I  gravitate towards ambigious subjects that are hard to put into a strict definition likes of: idea of ‘nature’ in contrast with human, transformation of matter between living and non-living, fluidity of objects and subjects and the idea of consciousness.  In this instance, how can one choose only a singular point of view? 




Bachelor of Fine Arts, sculpture department at Royal Academy of Arts, the Hague.  2016- 2020

Preparatory year, at Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague. 2015-2016

Bachelor in physics and engineering, nano materials and nano tech (unfinished), at Berarussian State University (BSU), Minsk.  2014-2015


Born Liquid (installation), group show at NEST - Den Haag, Netherlands, 2020, upcoming
Note to Self (installation), Helena van Doeverenplantsoen - Den Haag, Netherlands, 2019

Cinema Underexposed (installation), at cinema festival at Baobab - Den Haag, Netherlands, 2019 

Today I Taste Tomorrow (installation), group show at Helena van Doeverenplantsoen - Den Haag, Netherlands, 2019

Containing Surfaces (installation), group show at MEM - Athens, Greece, 2019

Outermost Corner (installation), group show at NEST, the Hague, Netherlands, 2018 

Wabi-Sabi (installation), self-organised group show in the space of the old “Euphoria” shop - Den Haag, Netherlands, 2018  

Film noir: Shariff Nasr meets KABK (movie), movie screenings at Filmhuis - Den Haag, Netherland, 2016